Resources: Water

Links to various resources covering the emerging science and long history of water's energy, structure and enigmatic properties—all of which are essential for life on Earth.

The Great Mystery of Water (English commentary)
This fascinating documentary features scientists, researchers and visionaries from all over the world. It is a wide-ranging introduction to the energetic paradigm of water, its history, its implications and applications.

Comprehend and Copy Nature
English language version of a full length documentary about the work of Viktor Schauberger, the Austrian “water wizard”. Includes not only his own work but also that of others applying his knowledge to modern day problems.

The Fourth Phase of Water: Dr. Gerald Pollack (TEDx)
The first TEDx talk by University of Washington professor, Dr. Gerald Pollack. Here he introduces the 4th phase of water, which he calls EZ (exclusion zone) water. This is highly structured, produced in response to matter and even to light, negatively ionised and found throughout nature—in fact, everywhere where there is water.

Water Memory (2014 documentary about Luc Montagnier)
Montagnier’s intricate and precise experiment proves water’s ability to record and reproduce an exact pattern of complex information—in this case DNA—and reproduce it somewhere else entirely.

The Emerging Science of Water: by Vladimir Voeikov and Konstantin Korotkov (authors)
This book is a detailed overview of many published studies from around the world. It reveals water’s remarkable, mysterious and often seemingly paradoxical properties and tips over a few scientific sacred cows as well.

Veda Austin: The Secret Intelligence of Water
Website of Veda Austin, water researcher, public speaker, mother, artist  and author. Veda’s work includes perhaps the most compelling dialogue yet with the intelligence of water, as she records in freezing water its responses to pictures, questions and more.

Natural Action Technologies
Home of Natural Action Technologies’ water structuring units, created by Clayton Nolte. These units are based on natural motion using powerful flow forms, so that the water restores its own energy using ways that nature has used forever to keep the Earth in perfect balance for life.

Ebb and Flow Ltd.
Gloucestershire, UK based artisan creators of flowform sculptures for the dynamic enhancement of the living qualities of water. Beautiful and powerful environmental technology, handmade using natural materials.