Resources: Food

Links to resources about permaculture, food growing at home and public spaces to encourage a bright and natural food future.

Back to Eden
The ultimate permaculture documentary? Maybe—it’s certainly one of the most viewed. Paul Gautschi and his amazing Washington State garden are the stars of this fascinating deep dive into no-till gardening.

23 Year Old Permaculture Food Forest
Short documentary about Robert and Robyn Guyton’s 2 acre food forest. This small area produces an incredible variety of fruits and vegetables. A follow up visit 5 years later is shown here.

The Permaculture Association
Website for The Permaculture Association UK, with access to courses, articles and much more.

Urban Permaculture Garden
This tiny 100sq/m garden produces over 900 pounds of food over a year in a city suburb in Melbourne, Australia.

The Micro Gardener
Anne Gibson set up The Micro Gardener as a resource for anyone wanting to grow nutritious, organic food in small spaces anywhere and everywhere.

Vertical Veg
UK site created by Mark Ridsdill Smith, inspired by container gardening, empty balconies, small gardens and growing lots of lovely food in limited space. Full of practical ideas and information and suited to the British climate.

Electroculture for beginners
An introductory page to entice you to explore the once-hidden world of electroculture—working with the natural electromagnetic fields of Earth to boost soil energy, plant growth and food yield without chemicals. An emerging and deeply fascinating area of grass-roots experimentation.

Copper gardening tools
Implementations is the official UK supplier for PKS copper/bronze tools. From a small trowel or fork to a shovel, a hoe or a sickle, these tools are a joy to use and will become favourites. You will feel their affinity with the soil. Based on the work of Viktor Schauberger and his studies of the beneficial effects of gardening with copper rather than iron.

The Strawberry Farm and Structured Water
This video could also be in the water section, but I thought I’d put it under food. Short video shows the measured effects of placing a water structuring unit into a badly performing area of a large strawberry farm.

Excellent foraging resource including an illustrated A-Z of plants to forage. Of course, this can be very useful knowledge but it’s also just a great way to add interesting new foods and give your gut information that it doesn’t get from a supermarket.

How we can eat our landscapes (TED talk)
Pam Warhurst’s very entertaining introduction to the Incredible Edible food growing project in Todmarden, West Yorkshire. Incredible Edible has come a long way since, which you can explore on their website here.