Resources: Energy

The Joule Thief
A super basic circuit that does something unexpected. Power one (or many) 3 volt LED bulbs from a battery with less than 1.5 volt—even down to less than half a volt! This may not seem spectacular but it is a great demonstration of alternative ways that exist beyond the traditional numbers and measurements. Also an example video tutorial here. There are thousands of resources now online about the JT and further developments that have resulted from it.

A Black Whole
A clear and concise introduction to the unified science of Nassim Haramein. Continuing the work of R. Buckminster Fuller and using the field equations of Einstein, Haramein has created a powerful, coherent and practical body of scientific understanding that unifies not only quantum and relativistic physics but also the scientific and non-materialist world views.

Resonance Science Foundation
The foundation created by Nassim Haramein to explore and promote unified physics and the resulting technologies. Gateway to the multi-module Unified Science Course (now free to join), an immersion into the theoretical and practical science for a transformed future.

Energy From The Vacuum
Upload of the first 25 DVDs of this series featuring Lt. Col. Tom Bearden, John Bedini and others going deep into the methods, history and characteristics of “vacuum energy”. From the earliest changes in Maxwell’s equations through to gravity control to the actual devices of Moray, Sweet, Bedini, Tesla and others, this is a true deep dive.

The Race to Zero Point
Fascinating 1997 documentary covering a wide variety of different approaches to obtaining useable energy from the field of infinite energy that we live in.

Interview with Lt. Col. Tom Bearden
Atlantis Rising interview with Tom Bearden (1930–2022) where he explains much about the common physics and engineering assumptions underlying our energy systems, how we got here and some of the people and devices that have transcended these theoretical limits and revealed a different truth which is totally permitted by physics and allows our power to be free, forever.

The Positive Health Benefits of Negative Ions
Article summarising studies and results of both positive and negative ion fields on health, including references from the Russian Academy of Sciences and The Centre for Sport and Exercise Sciences in Liverpool, showing significant benefits to the presence of negative ions.

Interview with John Bedini
Interview released as a tribute after the death of John Bedini, here interviewed by Bob Heironimous.

Healing from the Energiser?
A brief clip from one of Bedini’s appearances where he nods towards the different nature of the charge coming from is devices and what it might mean for health.

Gravity control and more
A short clip of Nassim Haramein, discussing the further possibilities available through unified science and the control of gravitational fields—just as we currently control electromagnetic fields.