Resources: Architecture

Back To A Future For Mankind—an interview with Dr. Ibrahim Karim
A long and fascinating interview with Dr. Ibrahim Karim—architect, designer and creator of the science of BioGeometry. Biogeometry has over 20 years of degree and PhD. level studies and many real-world applications at different scales, showing how its design language can create harmonising and supportive space for people, plants, animals and all of life in very powerful ways, whether starting from scratch or remediating existing buildings.

Biogeometry Europe
European site for the courses, products, practitioners and other solutions offered through Biogeometry in Europe.

Doreya Karim interview and presentation on Biogeometry
Excellent introduction to all aspects of Biogeometry by Doreya Karim, daughter of Dr. Ibrahim Karim and director of Biogeometry Energy Systems Ltd.

Dr. Ibrahim Karim & Pier Paolo Alberghini about Biogeometry
Architect Pier Paolo Alberghini with Dr. Ibrahim Karim talking about the design process and building of the first house in America to be built using Biogeometry from start to finish. The house’s energy affects the surroundings for a 5km radius.

Science behind Biologic Architecture—interview with Dan Winter
Recent interview with electrical engineer and cutting edge energy innovator Dan Winter, discussing what is required in a building to allow it to truly support life—from the point of view of an electrical and fractal fields expert.

Advanced BioArchitecture /Life Force Plasma Science with Dan Winter
Deeper dive into the physics and engineering behind materials and shapes that contribute to architecture to support and make living beings thrive—from seeds to people.

Earthship Global
The ultimate off-grid and “sustainable” house design may be the earthship. Designed over many years of experimentation and development, the earthship is an adjustable blueprint for a house that needs no connection to any grid for power, water or waste and even provides substantial food growing space.