The Benefits of Negativity

Negative ions are known but are largely ignored in our Western world mindset. Prioritising our understanding of them would transform everything we do.

Our transformed future includes the restoration of a healthy, negative-ionised environment. How do we get there and why do we need to?

When you walk through a woodland, sit by a waterfall or walk along a beach, you are being bathed in negative ions. We are healthiest when supported by an environment of naturally sourced negative ions.

Most types of natural movement create a negatively ionised environment around them. This includes the movement of air over leaves and water moving over rocks, pebbles and through naturally shaped waterways. Environments rich in negative ions are the product of natural flow. They come about from high energy systems, at all scales, that move without stress, friction, excess heat or wastage.


We spent hundreds of thousands of years living in a largely negative ion rich environment. This is our home. It gives us lots of readily usable, free oxygen and an environment that is innately healing and effortlessly supportive to our whole physiology as well as our spirit.

Where there are negative ions, there is a high level of free oxygen. Negatively-ionised environments allow molecules to move freely, including the water molecules that make it possible to breathe the air. Where there is a large presence of negative ions, water molecules move freely, with a large proportion clustering in groups of just six. These small clusters are instantly available to any living cell that they contact.

Contrast this with our modern, man-made environment. We have created a world that is largely positively ionised due to many factors—including chemicals, machinery, building materials, the ubiquitous electromagnetic radio and microwave fields that bathe everything, the way that we transport water and even the shapes we use.

This positive ion world is not our natural habitat. Being in this world acts as a constant load on our physiology, putting our physical and mental health always “on the back foot” as our body system finds itself in an antagonistic atmosphere.

When there is a prevalence of positive ions, oxygen does not remain freely available. We can only breathe air because of its water content. Positive ion fields cause water molecules to stick together in clusters that are far larger than normal, often thousands or even tens of thousands. In doing this, the oxygen components become trapped and far less easily available for breathing.

At the same time, some things do thrive in low oxygen—or anaerobic—environments. These includes many bacteria, moulds and other organic toxins. We have essentially built ourselves a world that is a perfect storm of weakened humans surrounded by well supported antagonists.

It’s deeply concerning that some of the worst places for this hostile environment are now hospitals. These buildings are now absolutely drowned in electromagnetic fields of all kinds, they are painted and constantly cleaned using positive ion creating chemicals. Everything that can be electric is electric, and wireless and other communication technology surrounds every patient. In the UK, at least, all of the plants and flowers have been removed as well.

Plants—like humans—are negative ion beings. If a positive ion pathogen is floating around a room, it will be attracted to a human or a plant, just like opposite magnetic poles attracting. In a modern hospital room, the only place left for a pathogen to land is the nearest human. The more measures that we continue to take to clean everything in sight using our conventional, toxic, positive ion chemicals, the more the heavily positive ionised walls and equipment are bacteria-free—but only because those surfaces will repel them and they have to go elsewhere, to the only place they can. Removing the plants because they were harbouring bacteria is a huge misunderstanding of just how important a role they play by doing exactly that.


At the beginning I mentioned the “Western world” mindset. There’s a tendency to think of science as a whole-planet endeavour with one overarching worldview. This isn’t really the case.

For example—in Russia, there is a very mature set of sciences that see things in very different ways. One of these differences is that they have researched and employed the benefits of negative ion fields for decades. In most Russian doctor’s surgeries and hospitals you will find negative ionisers being used. They know that humans deprived of negative ions don’t heal well and get ill more often, and they know that positive ionised environments give an advantage to pathogens.

There’s a lot of controversy over wireless and cell towers and increasing EM fields at this time. With the ion-led view, we can see that these are particular examples of our constant creation of more positive ion saturated environments. The question of “is xyz bad for life” becomes “does xyz add more to our positive ion load”, where “xyz” can be almost anything that man designs, creates or uses, not just communications technologies. We will understand the consequences of every type of venture far more easily when we properly consider ionisation.

We do not have to create technology that causes increased positive ionisation and we can even apply remedies to correct the technology that we already use—but first, we have to acknowledge the problem, which is that millions of us are almost entirely deprived of the environmental information and constituents that our body was designed to have around it.

What remedies do we have available to us?

Every time that we sincerely imitate nature we will create systems that tend to increase negative ions in the environment. What does that mean in practice?

We can begin with shape. The right angle has become the dominant shape of modern civilisation but all these corners trap and stagnate moving air and water. You can easily notice this in a glass water container, where any green discolouration always begins at the right angle between the base and the wall. This is because there is no flow there and the water’s state changes to only support anaerobic life—that is, life that thrives without free oxygen.

Nature’s perfect shape for storing liquid is the egg. Eggs preserve their contents so well because there is constant energetic flow within it and no corners to trap this flow. It is possible to buy egg-shaped water containers and they are extremely good at preserving the water in a healthy state. Here’s an example at the Centre for Implosion Research in the UK.

Movement of air over the leaves in a forest creates micro vortices of spinning air (and the water vapour in the air), constantly refreshing the availability of free oxygen. Movement of water through naturally formed waterways, around stones and pebbles, creates vortices of spinning water and also enlivens the environment with negative ions. This is one reason why it feels so good to be by natural moving water.

There is much to the subtle physics of shape, in regards to how it supports health of living beings and environments. Perhaps the most comprehensive system—with over 20 years of post-graduate and PhD. level studies completed in The University of Cairo in Egypt—is BioGeometry, a field pioneered by architect Dr. Ibrahim Karim. This incorporates a very comprehensive physics of the quality of shape and is absolutely practical for use in all situations. If you like long, comprehensive introductions (3 hours), I particularly recommend this interview with Dr. Karim. It will introduce you to the amazing power of this approach in real world situations, including a Swiss town where the “problematic” communications technology was not removed but instead was remedied in such a thorough way that even the cows started milking properly again within a week and the bats, small mammals and migrating birds returned to the area. Needless to say, the people of the town also felt a good deal better as well. This was all achieved using nothing but the influence of particular shapes and angles.

All manmade solutions—even at their most harmonious and nature-inspired—must be used to bring our own developments into harmony with nature, while we do everything we can to honour and preserve that nature. We are only just beginning to grasp just how multi-functional every aspect of nature truly is, and creating things to “replace” natural systems is—in my view—deeply misguided and always based on not having enough knowledge.


I mentioned water in regards to shape, but water must have its own section here. Natural water flows are great creators of negative ion environments. Being around them or creating them in your own environment is very beneficial.

It is important to realise that water simply moved around a water feature by a motor will become depleted if there is insufficient enlivening motion going on. Water needs to play and dance, ideally to vortex in both directions. It is these kinds of movement that negatively ionise the environment around the water, and it is intimately linked with the structure and energy of the water.

Research by Clayton Nolte and others have shown that the action of water revitalising itself through movement like this creates a field effect of about 1000 feet in all directions. That means that all water molecules within that range receive and respond to the signal of this higher state. You will notice this in areas surrounding a waterfall, for example. If you are observant or simply sensitive, it will be clear that the wider area around it is enlivened as well.

If you install any kind of water structuring device in a pipe in your house, this is also a strong negative ion source, with the same field effect. It also has a direct entrainment effect on unmoving water leading up to it through direct contact, which can stretch for miles back along pipes. It even changes the way that hydrogen bonds in the solid materials around the unit, effectively harmonising the materials around it.

Often, in modern houses, the water and electricity enter at the same point. This is very bad for the water and for everyone using it. Putting in a flow-form based structuring unit—such as one made by Natural Action Technologies—will set up a negative ion generator that is actually more powerful than the electric field as well as massively improving the health of the water.


The third negative ion generation method I will mention here is the least understood, the most questioned and—arguably—the most essential worldwide system change of all. It is also not presently employed in any way—as far as we know, at least.

What I’m talking of is genuinely alternative power generation—what we would normally call free energy.

Free energy is not a crazy idea, or a pipe dream. Inseparable from us and everything else that exists is a field of—essentially—limitless energy. This is known even in conventional quantum physics, which requires every cubic centimetre of space/matter to have 10 to the power of 93 grams equivalent of energy in it.

How much energy is that? Well, if you take everything we can see in the known universe and crush it all into one cubic centimetre, the amount of energy that small box would contain is “only” 10 to the power of 55 grams. You would have to add 38 zeroes to the end to get the energy of 1cm³ of what we call empty space. Essentially, it is infinite energy, even in only 1cm cubed.

Starting with the work of Nikola Tesla, there have been many creators and inventors who have built technologies that tap into this field of endless energy, resulting in many different styles of device. Just a tiny fraction of this energy will power our whole civilisation forever.

For those who doubt this possibility, staring us in the face is the indisputable fact that the universe has run itself at quite outrageous levels of activity for billions of years, entirely for “free.” Our limited way is very much the exception, not the rule.

In the present day, a fully integrated and real-world applicable physics that gives us both the theoretical way and the practical means for tapping this power at any point in the universe has been developed by Nassim Haramein and his colleagues at the Resonance Science Foundation. His foundation is also one of those exploring the technology to allow this to be available for all.

As we all should realise by now, this technology will truly enter our lives only once certain large, vested interests are no longer calling the tune, but with a fair wind, this may not be too distant in the future.

Regarding negative ions, one of the most profound differences of “free” or vacuum energy devices is that their astounding efficiency comes from being fully resonant with nature’s creative energies. This makes them—like the rest of nature’s creative flows—powerful sources of negative ions.

Imagine if you will—every electrical source in the world having the same atmosphere around it as a waterfall, or the seashore.

Imagine not only having battery-free access to constant, endless power at any point in space but also that every device accessing this power is a harmonic resonator of the creative patterns of nature.

Imagine at the same time, that the invisible, omnipresent antagonists that are the positive ion fields of our power grids and communications technologies are gone—lifted away, out of our experience forever.

Can you feel the magnitude of the shift that this would mean for the world and every single living being? It is not something we have been “educated” to imagine, but it is entirely possible and the means to achieve it are entirely real.

Our real future will be one in which we live within healing fields. Much of the illness that we take as normal will simply disappear, as our physiologies will be living in the energetic environment that is our true home. The wider effects of this are impossible to calculate, as it will also open us up to far easier mental and emotional activity and creativity as well.


The final negative ion generation device is YOU.

Yes, really. There are ion fields associated with humans in different states of health and feeling.

Humans are naturally negative ion beings. When we are embodying anger or we are closed of heart, we become more biased toward positive ion emission. Because this is not our natural state, it is hard for this to become our dominant field and its power is self-limiting. Rather, it weakens our natural, powerful negative ion field. This is one of many ways in which nature is set up to keep balance within reality—in order to have a large personal effect in space, you have to be in harmony with what you were created to be. In our case, this is to be open hearted, loving and coherent with our true essence.

The more you embody the fullness of your self and your many energetic fields, the more you contribute a powerful, coherent negative ion field to your surroundings. This is, perhaps, the most fundamental choice you have available to you that affects the world you live in.

Now that you’ve been told this, can you feel a difference just from knowing it? Can you feel the bits of you that join in to make it possible—maybe even easy?


I hope that this summary enables you to gain a more vivid image of the world that we are able to choose. As with many things, we can choose it via many smaller choices. We may not—as individuals—have the means to usher in free energy, but we can get used to envisioning it and we can explore the details if we wish. We can do things to encourage nature and maybe use water structuring technology in our own homes.

We can certainly step into the bigger and more high-functioning fields of ourselves and know that what we are being is a very significant contribution to a better world. We can spend time really being with nature, allowing the field of living information that we are to be harmonised and empowered by nature’s fields of living information. We can let our heart come into deep agreement with the heart of nature and this will change us.

We can also lift our expectations and our understanding to encompass this model of the future. It will come—it is only a matter of when.

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