Imagine this world—but different.


The water everywhere is clean and mineral rich, and also vibrantly alive and full of energy, just like a pure mountain stream or waterfall. It is freely available to all.

Food is grown as a co-creation with nature and is abundant. Shared spaces are rich with readily available fruits from plants and trees. The great proliferation inherent to nature is welcomed and enjoyed in all types of growing spaces. Agriculture practices revolve around the health of living soil and living water, are fully regenerative, provide exceptional levels of nourishment and wonderful diversity and vibrancy. Every community produces all of the food it needs and enjoys the nature that produces it.

The energy that powers the world is free and abundant, created using low-stress technologies that not only have almost infinite efficiency but are pollution-free and create electromagnetic fields that are supportive and beneficial to all life around them. As well as the sources of power, communications systems, tools and all other devices are also created using the full understanding of harmonious technology, and so noise, heat, chaotic effects and other wastage of energy are almost non-existent. Technology comes at no cost to the naturalness of life.

The same advances that bring clean, unlimited, life-enhancing energy also bring gravity control and manipulation of the fabric of space. Travel is now very simple and quick, and distance is no barrier, whether on or off planet.

Vibrant health and long life are normal. When required, medicine is a profound practice, aligning and restoring body, mind and spirit as one. Medical approaches include both high technology and deep nature. They are powerfully curative and always increase health and vitality. Any additional effects of treatments are beneficial and nothing of medicine is toxic.

Buildings and all sizes of settlement are designed in ways that benefit those living in them as well as nature as much as possible. They use the most life-supporting materials, the most harmonic geometries and planning, the most generous use of light and space and the greatest collaboration with nature in all ways. Innovation and beauty is actively encouraged in new developments. Where older buildings are being repurposed, profound types of remedial measures ensure that they are now highly life supporting and harmonious to use.

The imagination of children is nurtured, encouraged and valued always as a most powerful gift to the world. Education is integrated and woven seamlessly into the wider community and is entirely led by the children, individually or in co-operation with each other. Children learn naturally and continuously from life, and it is everybody’s joy to share in and contribute to this. Beyond this, there is not any assumed cut-off age for ‘education’, learning goes on as long as there is curiosity. Anyone and everyone enjoys and pursues creative innovation and brand new approaches and even abilities.

Governing is integrated into the heart of each community as a normal function that everyone can take part in. The governing body is all of the people, with those most effective and able in particular areas and skillsets being recognised as such. Planning relating to all matters is local and community based. Every single man, woman and child is free, supported to live a life which is the most creative, unique and natural to them and able to easily contribute their gifts to others in the way that they most wish to.

Manufacturing and fabrication is local and small scale in most cases. Technology allowing small-run creation of objects is available in all communities, with blueprints and patterns for every conceivable useful item also held electronically as a worldwide common library for the use of all. More specialist items are necessarily produced in more centralised ways but are designed and built to provide great durability and long, reliable life. Wide compatibility of technology and components is pursued in as many applications as possible.

Artisan and expert work is valued and available in all fields, as is the time and encouragement to learn and master skills and arts. Care and attention to all manner of creativity, detail and beauty are respected in every aspect of life, and these are understood to be part of the essential and unique nature of being human.

Thriving and living safely and comfortably is normal. All people are supported in all ways necessary to live a good life, just as the Earth itself freely supports all. No performance, production or justification is required to earn Earth’s support of human life, or the full inclusion in community. Sharing and contributing is natural to everyone, because their value as a unique living being is always recognised by the world that surrounds them, and all are encouraged in their creative expression and passion from the earliest age.

Wrongdoing by intent is very rare but is recognised for what it is. All communities understand that rehabilitation is the only evolved approach to dealing with this. Miscreants are kept away from the community as and when required, but great provision is made to enable their redemption and re-emergence as the man or woman they are truly capable of being.

Knowledge of all kinds is integrated and is explored using many means. The scientific method is employed in situations where it is most appropriate. People also share wisdom, experience, anecdote, insight and intuition and combinations of all of these and more. They recognise and value that each has different insights to bring and that life is indescribably multi-faceted and reveals those different facets through the use of many different methods of exploration.

Any and all of the people are able to access extra provision for larger projects or visions that they wish to create, as it is recognised that the people’s creativity itself is the real value and always has been. This is subject to a basic community oversight, but is otherwise freely given. This is partly because all or some of the people will always benefit and also because a high degree of experimentation is enjoyed and encouraged and there is great curiosity about new possibilities.


All of the ways, means and technologies to achieve this New Earth are available now. We have not been taught to imagine a future so transformed, but it is absolutely possible and it will come—later or sooner.

I invite you to imagine this world, along with the millions who already are and the many creators who are birthing it.

I invite you to retrain your vision, away from the dire predictions that we have all been exposed to over and over again, in the name of “realism”.

I invite you to allow that it is no more difficult to take a step towards a utopia than it is to take one towards a dystopia—and that each end point is simply the result of a series of choices.

Perhaps most of all, I invite you to embrace the knowing that humanity completely deserves to live abundant, spirited, safe, natural, creative, co-operative, healthy and fully enabled lives, rooted in true peace and open to true adventure.

This is where humanity is going. I wish us all a swift and wondrous journey.

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